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Find your own Lost Atlantis in Oia (Ia)
The Atlantida villas Santorini hotel studios, apartments and suites are traditionally decorated with the Cicladic Santorinian style, spacious, catering to your every need. These Santorini studios, apartments and Suites for rent are comprised of a bedroom, a kitchen and a sitting area located in one very spacious, connected area. All the accommodation of the hotel Atlantida villas include also a private balcony or tarrace with view to the volcano and to the beautiful caldera of the Santorini, the hotel complex are located steep side of the cliffs of oia, at the Atlantida Villas areas the view of the mystical Santorini Caldera and the glorious sunset can be seen from both the interior and the exterior areas of the hotel complex. All the accommodation and the unit at the hotel also includes extra sleeping area for additional persons with raising the capacity of each accommodation of the suites, studios and apartments.
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To the below level the hotel Atlantida villas provide you the official web sites which are belong to our hotel, into these pages the complex offer to the visitors of santorini all the necessary elements of the hotel accommodation to the apartments, suites and studios and general information about the hotel location, and many more necessary elements.

settlement of Oia (Ia), situated just above the Caldera, overlooking the breathtaking volcano and the deep blue Aegean Sea. The hotel complex it offers one of the best views of all (Ia) Oia Santorini hotels.

The hotel Atlantida Villas in oia (Ia) with a new management offer in your vacation to the island of Santorini apartments, suites and studios. The Atlantida Villas hotel is a marvelous vacation resort located in the charming village of Oia (Ia) Santorini. It is hotel built on cliff side of the caldera, built according to the traditional architectural of Santorini, with a modern flair, over looking the magnificent view of the Caldera area and the sunset, a vision that will stay etched in their mind forever.
The Atlantida villas hotel complex in Oia (Ia) Santorini consists of fully equipped and traditionally furnished suites for 2 persons, double rooms for 2-3 persons, apartments for 4 to 6 persons and apartment which can accommodated 2 persons, offering comfortable and enjoyable accommodation in one of the finest hotels in Santorini.

The hotel Atlantida Villas Traditional Houses is located in the beautiful settlement of Oia (Ia) village in the edge of the rock. Built on the Caldera cliff overlooking the mystical Caldera & opposite the volcano, the hotel 's placement is a photographer's paradise. Any guest will realise this at first glance.
By the stunning fresh water pool of lost Atlantida villas hotel, which is shaped like the Santorini Gulf area, there are deckchairs and umbrellas, where you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing. At the pool bar of the hotel you can sip your coffee, juice or cocktail and savour our delicious crepes, pizzas and snacks while admiring the beauty of the serene landscape of Santorini.
Atlantida Villas offers studios, apartments, suites and villas. All hotel accommodation faces the Caldera, the Volcano and Santorini's magnificent sunset.
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Oia (Ia) Santorini
The hotel in Oia (Ia) Atlantida Villas Santorini Apartments, Studios & Suites belong to the 4 star category of Oia (Ia) Santorini hotels and operate from 1 April to 30 October.

The Atlantida villas Santorini hotel in Oia (Ia), take great pride in its organized facilities and efficient hotel services, with the 19 fully equipped and tastefully designed apartments, double rooms and suites for rent in Santorini Greece. On the Atlantida villas Santorini hotel site you will also discover some unique features. Pay a visit to our little church of the hotel and light a candle. See how the old greeks make wine grapes at our bucket elevator beside the pool of the hotel. In the hotel Atlantida villas complex you will also find a big model of Santorini island which going to be came your guide to the Island.

In order to make a reservation at the Atlantida Villas of the oia (Ia) hotels Apartments, Studios & Suites for rent in Santorini, it is necessary that 33% of the total cost of the hotel reservation.

The view of the caldera of Oia (Ia) hotel Hotel Atlantida villas pool area
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Weather in Santorini Oia (Ia) Greece & Temperatures by month (°C)
During your vacation in Santorini Oia (Ia) and to the hotel Atlantida villas in the apartments, suites and studios, from April to September you should expect hot and dry weather (low 20s°C to 32s °C), the weather is bright and sunny in Santorini. Between mid July and mid August strong winds called “Meltemi” are frequent at the Aegean Sea. These winds, which blow from north or northeast, start suddenly and can blow continuously for several days. In Santorini at the September only, the island can have some cloudy days. Sometimes, the degree of the humidity has an impact on the weather that can be so clear that even the mountains from Crete (which is 70 nautical miles away) can be seen. Hence, Santorini weather is good enough to take good pictures of the volcano and the caldera. Santorini weather in the spring and fall is very pleasant ( 17°C to 23°C) so long clothing is required. In the winter, the weather in Santorini get rather chilly, but remains temperate ( 10°C to 17°C), and there for you should pack long clothing and a coat.
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