Santorini: Santorini island is located south of Greece in the Greek islands of Cyclages, Greece.

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Santorin Surrounding Islands
Opposite of Santorini Island are 4 small volcanic islands: Thirassia, Palea Kameni, Nea Kameni and aspronisi. All the islands were created by the eruption of the volcano. In our days Thirassia, is the only island that is inhabited. Tour boats to these volcanic islands depart from the port just below Oia (Ia) Amoudi. In the middle of the Santorini Caldera gulf are located the 2 volcano of the Santorini by the names Palea Kameni & Nea Kameni, between these 2 isles there is the area of the Hot springs which the waters over there are worm because of the volcano.
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Santorini name
The island of Santorini is referred to, as Thira. The very ancient name Stronghyle (the Round One), which was also called Stronghyle by ancient Greeks about 1645 BC. Another name, was Kalliste (the Most Beautiful), no doubt referring to the matural beauties of the Santorini island. Today, Thira, is more known as Santorini, which was apparently taken from a chapel dedicated to St. Irene in one of the bays where the Venetians moored their ships.
Santorini sightseeing
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On Santorini island, you will experience the vacation which you have dream. Prepare you for the unique Santorini, Greece. Santorini Island, is most famous for its volcano and the Caldera, its sunset view and its beaches. Others Santorini sightseeing areas the ancient city of Akrotiri, considered by many to be the last remaining piece from the Lost Atlantis, as well as the magnificent archaeological site of Ancient Thira and the Museums of Fira.

Santorini Greece - Santorini island is famous for Santorini Beaches of Oia, Oia sunset and view to the volcano of Santorini.

Santorini Island
Santorini is the last of the Cyclades islands to the South. We refer to it as one, but it is a complex of five difreand islands, Santorin (Thira) is the main island. Many reasons made this island of Cyclades very famous. All of us we have seen a picture of Santorini (Greece). Colors at the sky, amazing landscape, peaceful and harmony on the cliffs of the Caldera ... this is Santorini island ... Poets have written about the island, artists attempt to capture its beauty. Nothing can compare with the beauty... of Santorini. There is a talk about the connection between Thira which is the second name of the island and to the myth of the lost Atlantis. The volcano is what made Santorini what it is today. Santorini Island Greece is most famous for its Caldera - which is the opening created by the Santorini volcano.

The village of Oia, photo from the Santorini. Move over the photo to zoom
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If you want to make your vacation to Greece in one Island which offer relaxation and unique charactiristics, then Santorini in Greece is the perfect destination! It has some amazing characteristics, such as the Santorini Caldera and the famous sunset of santorini, which both are popular subjects of Santorini Island photos. The Settlements of Santorini, Greece are some of the most photo-taken in the Cycladic cluster, one other unique thing of the Island is the scenic architecture of the small white houses built on edge of the Santorini cliffs, facing the beautiful Caldera. At the north point of Santorini is the traditional Settlement of Oia (Ia) which offer to the visitors a panoramic view of caldera and of Aegean Sea. The Oia (Ia) offer a selection of Santorini hotels. In this beautiful Greek Island of Santorini is located the traditional hotel complex of Atlántida villas Apartments, studios & Suites hotel, the hotel is situated in the settlement of Oia (Ia), on the cliffs, above the magnificent Caldera of Santorini.

The creation of the Santorini and evolution of the volcano
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santorin volcano
Santorini Volcano: The two small islands in the centre of Santorini Greece called Palia (old) and Nea (new) Kameni, which means burned in Greek, are the youngest pieces of land in the Eastern Mediterranean. This volcano is one of the most famous attraction of Santorini. You will notice some amazing lava formations and some unique colors on the volcano. From the volcano you will also be able to enjoy a nice view of the Santorini.
Santorini Volcano: The famous volcano Palia (old) and Nea (new) Kameni, of Santorini Greece.
The sunset of Santorini: Santorini is the only place in Greece in which the combination only two features is create the amazing sunsets of Santorini. The altitude of Caldera cliffs of the island with unbelievable View to the west side of the Aegean Sea in conjunction with traditional white houses and harmony of colors of Santorini create the unique experience of the sunset of Santorini. It is justified to huge demand for Oia hotels especially in the village of Oia "Ia"offering the best sunset view the whole of Santorini.
Santorini sunset: The Magical and the romantic sunset of the Santorini island.
The eruptions with earthquakes of Santorini island resulted in different colored coatings and various beautiful beaches along the island. All the beaches of Santorini is with black sand, some of the most famous are the beaches: at the North Santorini is the beach of Kamari, the beach of Perissa and Perivolou and the south side beaches of white beach and red. In Oia (Ia) there are the beaches Baxedes, Amoudi, Katharos and Kouloumpos.
Santorini Beache: Santorini Beaches are the most unique in Greece.
The myth start 3 million years before present Pre-Volcanic Strongili. The island was circular then and was called Strongili (the Round One). Around the 17 th century BC a colossal volcanic eruption caused the centre of Strongili to sink, leaving a caldera with high cliffs. The first Volcanic craters began to form about 2,000,000 years ago southwest of the Santorini. Over time the craters broke through the sea. Later volcanic activity would create other craters to the north of the already existing island. Eventually one island was formed. Buried under layers of ash and volcanic residue for centuries.
The creation and the evolution of the Santorini ''Strongili'' volcanic fields.
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