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At the Atlantida Hotel apartments, studios and suites which located on the cliffs of oia, Santorini, we try for quality service with comfortable facilities ensuring that our visitors to hotel to have pleased stay. Our priority is, as much as it’s possible to making your accommodation into Santorini a good memory from Greece. The Atlantida villas hotel in Oia (Ia) Santorini, is considered one of the most finest hotels in Oia Santorini, providing excellent service and facilities to the guests of the hotel.
Oia Amoudi
Ia or Οia for the Greeks is the second most important village of Santorini, and for many its more beautiful place. At the village, there are 2 steps-ways which if you follow them you going to guide us into 2 small harbors of Oia, the 1 is the Armeni with its little chapel of St. Nicholas, and the other going to be the Ammoudi both are located under of Oia (Ia). Over there are fish taverns in the little harbor of Ammoudi where one can enjoy sea food and local wine, if follow the path and pass the port of the small port-village of Amoudi at the south part of it and you will find one amazing area, a big rock just 10m. meters from, the land of Santorini. On this rock, of Oia (Ia) you will see the chapel of A. Nicolaos! We high recommend to pay a visit because is Worth it... Both Amoudi Beach and Armeni Beach is known as Oia (Ia) Beaches. Particularly visitors who are accommodated in one of the hotels in Oia (Ia), Santorini, through the Amoudi have the availability to take small boat for to make one trip to the caldera of the Santorini and to have a visit to the volcano and to the island of Thirasia.
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The population of Santorini was 11,230 about inhabitants at the 2001 census, and the land area is 19.449 km². The population and land area are distributed as follows: 10.962 persons on 10.150 km² in Santorini, and 268 persons on 9.299 km² in Thirasia. The community shares the island of Thira with the Municipality of Thira (Santorini), and is centered in the northwestern most part of the island.

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Oia (Ia), Santorini
The traditional village of oia (Ia), located on the north part of Santorini, high above on a cliff of the caldera, the Settlement is known for its view of the Caldera and sunset, and its traditional small cave houses that are built into the side of the cliffs of oia Santorini. Oia (Ia) is a resort in Santorini which many visitors spend their vacation into the village of Oia (Ia), accommodated at the many hotels of the Oia (Ia), which are build at the caldera and are overlooking the volcano and the beautiful sunset. Oia (Ia) is the first settlement in Greece identified as preserved. A walk through the scenic small paths of oia (Ia) is something which worth it to do. Some unique characteristics of Oia (ia) it’s the houses which carved into the cliffs of the settlement with the Cycladic architecture and the quite alleyways. These kind of houses are can be found only in Oia (Ia), because of the particular kind of ground of the village Oia (Ia). In this area of unique beauty you will find the hotel Atlantida Villas.

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The village of Oia (Ia), photo from the cliffs of oia. Move over the photo to zoom
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The Place on top of the World
Oia (Ia) Santorini: Oia, pronounced " Ia", (or "Apano Meria" for the local Greeks) is the most famous of all the villages of the island and the most picturesque village of Santorini... From the traditional village of Oia (Ia) is the most popular point on the island of Santorini for to watch the famous sunset, of oia. Every evening people gather from all the places of Santorini into the caldera to see that. Just below Oia (Ia) and in the surrounding areas there are two small traditional ports, (214 steps for Ammoudi and 286 steps for Armeni). Beneath of Oia (Ia) into the Amoudi, is located one of the most finest tradition area of Santorini. The area of Oia (Ia) also provides a plethora of hotels known as: Oia hotels, shops where you can buy souvenirs and traditional artwork from Santorini, cafés, tavernas and restaurants which all of them have a marvelous view of the volcano, Oia (Ia). We recommend to make a visit to all these areas of Oia Santorini.

The beauty of the village of oia and places which worth it to visit
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While staying at the Atlantida villas Hotel in Oia in the accommodation of hotel Suites, Studios and Apartments, we suggest to visit the beautiful Santorini beaches with the black sand, in and around of areas of Oia (Ia), you can swim in the deep blue Aegean sea and into the Caldera on these beaches. If you prefer more secluded and not so crowded Santorini beaches in Oia (Ia), we suggest to pay a visit: Armeni, Armenaki, Ammoudi, Katharos, Baxedes, Koloubos and Pori. all of them are located at the surround area of the village of oia. The Armeni can be reach by climbing stairs which are begging at the middle point of the Oia nearby to main square of Panagia and for Amoudi you must visit the edge of the Settlement of Oia (Ia). The unique beaches of Santorin with the volcanic sand, which are famous for their black volcanic sand.
Around Oia you can swim in the deep blue Aegean and sunbathe on the stunning beaches.
Oia sunset: in Santorini is one of the most famous attraction Island in Greece. Is something that should not miss on you visit to Santorini & in Oia is the sunset. At he moment which the sun is going into the Aegean Sea in that moment the view of the caldera and of the volcano is spectacular, providing an image to the visitor of the oia that will remain etched in the mind forever. To experience this spectacle sunset, visit the traditional village of oia in santorini and the oia hotel of Atlantida villas with the Apartments, Studios, Suites and villas in Santorini Greece. Many couples from Oia but also from the other parts of Santorini are gather to the area of the "Castro" to the end of the village of oia every evening for to watch it, Santorini. Many painters have try to draw the magic moment of the sunset of Oia in a piece of paper, many poets have talk through the lyrics for the unique sunset of Santorini, of course a picture is as a thousand words.
The sunset of oia: The Magical and the romantic sunset of the Santorini island.
Photos from the Santorini. The hotel Atlantida villas provide you to this official site of the hotel one collection of images and pictures, which you can find them in all the pages of the hotel site, a beautiful collection of Santorini photos and hotel photos. These gallerie was created so that you may share our love for Santorini island through these inspirational pictures and for to get a better idea of the placement of the hotel with the suites and apartments of the Lost Atlantida Villas Santorini. About the 70 percent the of the protos of the hotel web site was took from both the interior and the exterior areas of the hotel complex. The other 30 percent of the protos was took from the village of Oia, each photo have decryption and are indicate the village of oia.
Santorini: Photos of the Atlantida Villas Hotel in Oia Santorini & from the village of oia, in Greece.
The village of oia (Ia) also provides several attractions to the visitors of the Settlement. Interesting feature of the area is the area of Castle, with the various windmills which we can find them in all the territory of the cliff side of the settlement and also the Venetian fortress of the castro. We recommend to have a visit into this charming area of Oia Santorini. In Oia, close to the Atlantida Villas Hotel, you can visit also the Marine history Museum of the village of oia, which includes collections of wonderful nautical tools and materials of the sailing history of Oia. The Marine Museum of oia and the old mansions of the Settlement preserve memories of Oia 's sea past. We also recommend taking a walk into the narrow scenic alleyways of Oia Settlement, with the charming white houses in narrow streets, the famous churches, for to get acquainted with its Cycladic architecture and charming atmosphere of Oia (Ia).
Santorini oia: The village of Oia is a unique place. Don't lose the opportunity to visit the settlement.
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