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Boat Excursions Rates
  • Group excursions
  • Private Excursions
Volcano, Hot springs, Thirasia excursion

The Rate per person is 30 euro and include free traspotation for both of the excursions (Day and Sunset).

For students the cost is 20 euro.

For children from 5 years old to 14 years old the ticket rate is 15 euro per person.
Semi Private Excursion, Catamaran

The Semi - private excursion trip is under the rate of 130 euro per persons for both of the excursions (Day and Sunset).

The private tours with the catamaran is 1200 euro from 2 person to 10 persons.
What you must have on your caldera trip
1. Sturdy shoes (gymnastic/ plastic sole)
2. Summer clothing (shorts/tee shirt)
3. Swimming costume (Not white color)
4. Swimm-towel & Cameras
5. Light Jacket for Sunset Cruises
6. Sun block & hat
7. Money in order to buy drinks on board, lunch     in Thirassia & entrance fee to the Volcano.
For all these Caldera excursions the hotel Atlantida Villas (Oia hotel) makes all the arrangements and organization free with out any charge... For more info contact with us.
Private trip with a Traditional boat
In Oia there is the option to rent a small traditional boat per hour where the charge is depending depending by how long hour you would keep, the cost is between 80 and 100 ethro depending on the type of boat.
Oia Excursions (Sailing)

Oia Sailing excursions & Yachting trip in the Caldera, sailing cruises around Santorini Island Greece

Seek for perfection...!
Oia offers a wide choice in both sailing crafts and sailing routes in the Caldera rim. All Excursions boats daily start from the ports of Oia Armeni and Amoudi (the visitors must have in mind that in the Amoudi bay has a road for easier access to the small port). The Caldera Excursions also includes a guided tour.

Service Note: The service is available only to guests who have booked or stay in our hotel.
  Volcano - Hot springs - Thirasia  (Group Tours 9:30 - 3:45)    
  Caldera boat trip  
  Your first choice is to make the wellknown tour of the Volcano - Hot springs - Thirasia rout, the traditional boat daily departures from the two ports of Oia Ammoudi (at 10:15) and Armeni (at 10:30). With this boat trip the you can explore the Santorini's Volcano, the beautiful Caldera gulf of the Santorini island, swim at the Hot Springs between the two volcanic islands (Nea &Palea Kameni) and your last station before return back to Oia village is the Thirassia island and the picturesque port of the island.

 The tour includes free transportation 9:30 in the port of departure.
 Daily departure the traditional vessels from Amoudi port 10:15 & from Armeni port 10:30.
 Disembark on volcano for 1h. & 40m. offering the possibility to visit the crater of the volcano.
 Palea Kameni: 30 minutes stay in order swim in the hot springs of Santorini.
 Last stop in Thirasia island 2 hours stayhaving the opportunity for a lunch (Korfos Port), or    visiting the traditional Village of Manolas or if you like will have a donkey ride...

in Santorini Island have also the option to rent for 12 hours or more a speed - boat.
Explore the Volcano, the unique shaped of the beautiful island of Santorini and discover the three small islands of Santorini by take in your hands the choice of sailing wherever you desire within the bounds of Caldera. Be the captain without any license required. So rent by your own the vessels that you desire from a large selection of high spead boats & traditional boats.

  Private & Semi Private Tours - Catamaran  (Day tour 5 h. & Sunset tours 4 h. 1/2)  
  Private excursions    
  Enjoy luxury - Yacht Charter in the Santorinian Caldera with the the luxury catamaran 50 feet / 15,24 meters. The catamaran sailing tour as well starts the caldera excursion from the port of Oia (Ia) twice a day, morning for 5 hours semi private and private excursions into the Santorinian Caldera and afternoon at the time of the beautiful sunset for 4 1/2 hours. The tour includes a dinner on board.    


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