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Santorini history & beaches
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The beaches on Santorini Island are some of the most unique of the Cyclades. While staying at the Atlantida Villas Hotel in Oia, we suggest visiting the Santorini beaches of Oia Santorini Armeni and Ammoudi, which are reach by climbing stairs from Oia Town. North of Oia (Ia), are the lovely beaches of Baxedes, Paradissos, and Koloumbos. The unique volcanic sandy beaches of Santorini, are also worth visiting. On the eastern coast of the Santorini island, you will come across the Grey and Black beaches of Monolithos, Kamari, Perissa, and Perivolos, while on the southern coast of Santorini, you will find the Red and White beaches, near the town of Akrotiri. We recommend marking to visit these beaches of Santorini because is worth it.
In ancient years Thira island or Santorini was called as "Strongili", which means Round Island. After the first volcanic eruption Thira was named "Kallisti". The island goes by the name ‘ ’, baptised so during the Venetian Rule after the Church of Santa Irene. The island is near the joint of two tectonically plates. It is when these two plates move that we have earthquakes and eruptions. The eruption in 1625 B.C. caused the island to remain uninhabited for 300 years and the destruction of the Minoan Civilization. A 200 meter high tidal wave (tsunami) from the volcano of Thira reached the coast of Crete. Many earthquakes followed that same year, which caused the 3000 feet crater to collapse inwards and break the central and western parts of the island in 5 different pieces allowing water to fill in and create the present day Caldera.
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